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I'm Alex, I'm the person behind the camera. I'm a regular girl from a small island that had big dreams of becoming a photographer & traveling the world. In my journey of figuring out what I wanted to do, I discovered weddings & portrait photography, since then I found a way to combine all my passions together. Love, travel & photography!

Being a traveling photographer has its perks but we all have a place we call home, that place is Puerto Rico for me, even though I currently don’t live there. My home away from home is South Florida & I can’t complain, we always have beautiful weather. As a traveling photographer Im always ready for the next adventure.

As a forever lover of unique moments I like to combine my work with candid moments, as well as more posed romantic moments. My hope is to give my clients a gift that they can always cherish, a captured moment of their love. My goal will always be to make sure my clients have the best experience possible.


Life is too short
to sit in the
passenger seat
— Unknown

More about me!


I’m Horrible at being a model

No lie, it might seem like I know what I’m doing but I feel super awkward in front of the camera, seriously but from time to time I will give it a shot.



My family calls me the "cat lady" hahaha. That's Peaches in the picture, my boyfriend & I adopted her on our trip to Atlanta. Yes we drove 10 hours with her in the car…. it was an adventure needless to say… but it was worth it. She loves soaking up the sun by the window.



My mom says its the gypsy in me, others say it’s being an adventuress soul. Either way traveling & exploring are a must for me! I love trying new things, having experiences, learning about different cultures & having stories to tell when I grow old.