Welcome to my page my name is Alexandra but I go by Alex. I am a Portrait & Wedding Photographer based in South Florida.

My Style:

Started as a documentary photographer, dreaming of being in National Geographic Magazine in search of adventure, hopefully making a difference in the world & saving lives. I quickly realized I'm too much of a softy for the real struggles… so instead decided to go with a more positive approach, to celebrate people & love in all its uniqueness.

In my work I love combining the duality between having authentic moments & also having composed romantic moments. Seeing my clients being themselves & having fun in front of my camera is what I strive for. Like any great photographer would. I will work with you to make sure we get you beautiful pictures & that together we capture those unique moments.

My Philosophy

- The wedding day should be about the couple celebrating their love. Come rain or come shine the most important thing on your wedding day is marrying the love of your life.

- I will be there celebrating & capturing every step of the way. All you have to worry about is smiling & enjoying your day.

- I want to capture authentic emotions “true love” so feel free to be your cute selves & don’t wait until I put down my camera to be all “lovey dovey” with each other. Those are the moments that count.

- It should be a memorable moment, make sure you stop to smell the roses & enjoy every moment. Remember this will only happen once so have fun!

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“Love would never leave us alone”

— Bob Marley